About Vesta


Vesta Entertainment, Ltd. plans to carve out a niche in the entertainment industry by filming both in the United States and China. Vesta has partnered with an experienced Chinese production company having close ties to Chinese government and non-government film institutions. Through this partnership, Vesta will produce quality feature films while capturing a substantial cost savings due to the relatively low cost of film production in China and the financial contributions of its Chinese co-producers. Vesta�s slate of films will have a high production value in relation to the budgets, resulting in films with an enhanced market value.

Vesta's focus is to deliver motion pictures to a broad range of audiences worldwide. The film budgets range from $10 million to $30 million USD per film, including negative costs, administrative, and tightly controlled overhead. Production budgets in the $10 to $30 million range are right in line with other independent films that have found a large market around the world. The unique visuals of China, as well as the U.S./Chinese cross-cultural stories, will enrich the productions and provide films that attract a broader audience.

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